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Outer Banks Fishing Reports

3/20/14 Fish in the Tide
We had Mark Tsurkis and crew from Chicago on Thursday after a 3 day blow. Big sea on the bar but we all made it out OK. The blended water we had been fishing in was gone but a couple boats set out in the hot, glufstream water with screaming tide(4 knots) had had a couple bites right away. We steamed 6 miles, set out on the change and in 3 minutes hooked a nice fish on the short rigger. A while later we released a bluefin I would estimate around 375lbs. Later on in the day we caught a 60 inch fish we were able to bring back home for the guys. Thanks!

Posted on 25 Mar 2014 by biopsea
3/16/16 A couple more
Craig and ALex Nelson and the gang from Richmond were with us on Sunday. Pretty good action for the fleet overall and we were able to see some 300-500lb bluefins jumping completely out of the water chasing bait. We caught a 74 inch fish and a 91 inch fish that we released. Thanks guys and see you in August!

Posted on 16 Mar 2014 by biopsea
3/15/14 Our turn for Bites
Matt Russo and crew from Maryland fished with us on a choppy Saturday. More wind then we expected made for tough conditions but the guys hung tough. More bites then yesterday but still pretty slow overall. We caught a fish mid morning around 80 inches that we released. In the afternoon we caught a 70" fish to bring back to the dock for the guys. Thanks and see you next time.

Posted on 16 Mar 2014 by biopsea
3/14/14 Found the fish but very few bites
Dan Haraczka and crew joined us on Friday for a calm but chilly day. The fleet located the fish mid morning with lots of marks on the bottom machine(see pic) and some fish seen on top but very few bites. We never were able to get a bite for our crew. Sorry guys and hope for better next time. Congrats to Capt Charles on the Rigged Up for his 570 pounder!

Posted on 16 Mar 2014 by biopsea
3/10/14 Lock and Load on the Bluefins!
Brain, Chris and Bobby from Maryland joined us on a slick calm Monday. Within 15 minutes of setting out we found the bluefins on top balling up bluefish in the 15 pound range. They had the water frothing and 200-400lb bluefins were cutting and jumping out of the water. Our first pass we hooked 4 and caught 3 of them which I would estimate from 250-350 lbs. We caught 3 singles later on around more surface activity and caught another triple later in the day in a huge area of bluefins busting and chasing baitfish. We were able to catch one under fish(70") around 200lbs. 1 for the cooler and 8 releases up to 400 lbs. Great job by our 3 anglers. An unbelievable sign of fish and hoping this is the big push we have been waiting for. Weekends already booked but have some weekdays left, give us a call or e-mail to get in on some epic fishing. Thanks
Posted on 11 Mar 2014 by biopsea
3/2/14 1 Big Bite
We had Pablo, Brad and the crew from Raleigh on Sunday. Better weather, lots of boats! Not many bites to go around, we were fortunate and had 1 bite and made it count. We released a nice bluefin I would estimate in the lower 300lb range. Thanks to the guys for the great pics.
Posted on 04 Mar 2014 by biopsea
3/1/14 Bluefin Action!
We had Rance, Mike and Duane on a choppy Saturday to start off our bluefin season. Rough ride out but wind fell out once we started fishing. We got lucky and found the bluefins on top busting bait, leaping out of the water. Got a great pass and hooked 3 at once! An epic battle lasting hours but the guys did great job. We released all 3 with the fish being from 77 inches to 90 inches. I would estimate from 250 to 400lbs. Best sign of fish for the fleet yet. Give us a call or e-mail to book your trip.

Posted on 03 Mar 2014 by biopsea
Looking for 3 more for Spring Trip
Have a group of 3 looking for 3 more for either Saturday April 26th or Sunday APril 27th. That time of year is into our Spring season which can mean Yellowfin tuna, and sometimes gaffer dolphin. Here are a couple of pics from late April from last couple seasons. Give us a call or e-mail if interested. Thanks
Posted on 13 Feb 2014 by biopsea
Ready for Bluefin Action
Digging out from the snow storm and tying up loose ends on our boat project but looking forward to some Bluefin action. We still have unusually warm water north of gulfstream which might be keeping the Bluefins from showing yet. Hopefully next couple weeks they will show in force and we can enjoy some action like you see below. This is from last year and we hooked 5 bluefins at once! Give us a call or e-mail to book your trip.

Posted on 30 Jan 2014 by biopsea
1/28/14 Boat Yard Project Winding Down
We Just left Bayliss Boatyard after arriving December 1st for a repower and some other projects. CAT took back our prototype c-18A's back out and replaced them with a production set. We put 3200 hours on them in 17 months and now are starting back at zero hours. We had 11,000+ hrs on our generator and replaced that as well while engine room was stripped down. We also did a lot of re-wring, plumbing, new seacocks, thru hulls, and dripless shaft seal systems. We also were able to sand and paint the engine room. We did some work to our running gear as well including straightening/polishing shafts, wheel work, and replaced cutlass bearings. We also did some repairs, and touch up paint to the hull. Test run went well and we got about 37.5 knots top end. Patrick Harrison is finishing install of our new cabinets in salon that we were unable to finish last winter. Pics below of Engine room a mess after motor removal, after cleaned and painted, engine being craned in, new generator, finished product. Will be back fishing by next weekend and bluefins should be showing up any time so give us a call or e-mail.

Posted on 28 Jan 2014 by biopsea

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